ETO Sterilisation

ETO Sterilisation is a preferred and widely practiced method of sterilisation. Being a cold process, it has low impact on physical characteristics of most products.

ETO reacts with critical molecules like DNA & enzymes inside the micro organism. This reaction mechanism is called Alkylation.

offers ETO Sterilisation services for the Medical Device industry and bio burden reduction services for bulk products such as agro produce, spices, pharma raw materials and cosmetics. Our ETO facilities are strategically located close to point of production or distribution allowing quick turnaround and low logistics' costs.

Salient features of ETO Service facilities:

  • Complete adherence to quality systems and GMP
  • ETO Sterilisation process is carried to ISO 11135 standards.
  • Use of Biological Indicators as basis of product release.
  • Periodic Validation of the sterilisation equipment is done to ensure consistent performance.
  • Automatic sterilisation systems at most facilities.
  • Customised process parameters and customer-specific / Product specific Validation support is available 
     ’s team of experts.

The ETO process offers flexibility of choice, in terms of a wide range of compatible films and packaging material which is entirely customer-convenience-dependant:

Medical Devices and the like could be packed in multiple packaging:

Primary Pouches made from permeable films, like PE, PVC, PP, HMHD, etc., in which the individual device could be packed. Medical grade peel-open pouches are also suitable.

Secondary Shelf-unit boxes.

Tertiary: Cartons, corrugated boxes into which several individual boxes could be packed and shipped.

Bulk Products could be packed in : 
Bags and cartons; typically, poly-lined-HDPE woven sacks / multi-ply craft paper bags / jute bags / cartons. Though bags / cartons with a maximum weight of 50 kg are preferred, there are no weight-restrictions;  regularly handles 500 kg / 1000 kg super-sacks.