Gamma Sterilisation

Due to the high penetrating nature of Gamma rays, this process offers several advantages.  The need for special packaging material is eliminated; metallic foils / containers, laminates, Polymer films and combinations thereof, can be used. Since the process is carried out at ambient temperature and pressure packaging-integrity is not affected.

’s Gamma Radiation Services facility located at Bengaluru is unique in design and is the only facility in India that runs in batch mode facilitating customer needs and convenience.

This facility offers flexibility thus enabling processing of wide spectrum of products covering various sectors such as Healthcare, Pharma raw materials, Neutraceuticals, Ayurvedic and Herbal, Spices & Condiments, other agro produce etc.

The facility is designed to house a maximum of 1.4 million curies of Co-60 source and adequate capacity is ensured to provide prompt and efficient services to a large customer base. 

Irradiation involves directing electromagnetic radiation like Gamma rays and X-rays on to products to either sterilise disposable medical devices, packaging components, pharmaceutical formulations or achieve bio burden reduction of foods etc.

Food Irradiation helps maintain food quality, kill harmful bacteria and control insects. The technique destroys microorganisms that could cause illness or lead to food decay. Not only does it reduce the risk of food poisoning, it can also extend the shelf life of food products.

Here is an educational video circulated by the FAO / IAEA

Courtesy: Joint FAO / IAEA Division of Nuclear Techniques in Food and Agriculture, Department of Nuclear Sciences and Applications, International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna on the benefits of Food Irradiation.